About Marge (aka Happy Healthy PDX)


Hi, I’m Marge, a twenty-something living in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, with my husband and our four-legged fur baby, Ramsay. We bought our first house about two yea rsago and are finally starting to get around to our long list of DIY projects. I work a 9-5 desk job at a children’s clothing company. In my non-working hours, I read voraciously, run, do a lot of fabric crafts, cook, make hilarious wisecracks, and try and keep my home happy, healthy, and some semblance of clean. I’m working on taking control of all aspects of my life, including healthier eating, staying in shape, intelligent budgeting and frugal living, and managing years of stress and anxiety.

I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but had a laundry list of excuses for when training got too difficult. I’ve got two half-marathons under my belt, one walking and one run-walking, and I’m training towards a third. However, this time, I’m training with an actual running group, and I’m finally starting to feel like this running thing may stick. I’m using this blog, partially, as an accountability log to write about what I’m learning about running, and about myself as a runner. I’m hoping that my struggle to become a healthier person, as well as hilarious tidbits on my life, might resonate with some of you.

A few facts:

-I consider the Midwestern United States my true home. Both my parents were born there, and the majority of my extended family still resides there. I’ve been vacationing in Iowa and Illinois since I was born. I would move there in a heartbeat.

-I am obsessed with my dog. I wanted one my entire childhood, to the point where I dragged around a scrub brush on a leash (and named it Abby), so that my parents would get me a dog. It didn’t work, I just looked like a sad little only child. Then, Shayne and I met this gentleman on our first anniversary and fell in love with him:

photo (3)

-I’m addicted to cooking reality shows (I would buy stock in Gordon Ramsay). Also House Hunters. And Island Hunters. And Property Brothers.

-I have WAY too many iPhone apps.

-The best job I’ve ever had was working for a local restaurant chain, catering weddings and specials events. I got to work outside ALL summer, so I had a nice farmer’s tan and arm muscles, and my coworkers and I had a great time! I firmly believe that every teenager should be forced to work in the restaurant industry for some period of time.






One thought on “About Marge (aka Happy Healthy PDX)

  1. Dad says:

    Need to update your About Marge, you have the dog.

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