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PDX Snowpocalypse 2014

This time last weekend, we were legitimately snowed into our home. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the metropolitan areas in the Pacific Northwest, this is a rare RARE occurrence. Every time we even get a dusting of snow, all of a sudden it’s 24 hour news coverage and cars sliding all over the road. It started snowing on Thursday morning, and quickly escalated to blizzard like conditions. So I packed up my work and hightailed it home knowing that if I waited much longer I would be caught up in a traffic jam of nervous Oregonians trying to navigate chain-less and snow tire-less cars down the roads. Even though I left early, my commute time was tripled. By the time hubby was able to leave work, he was looking at three hours to get home, usually a simple 15-20 minute drive. I waited to crack open the wine until he got home, just in case I had to bundle up and go pull him out of a snowbank somewhere.

Friday morning, it was beautiful outside. We had probably 4 inches of snow at that point. I insisted that we walk to the store for a few essential edibles, because it was supposed to start snowing again. I say walk, because we had enough snow that no one in their right mind without 4-wheel drive was on the roads. We basically backpacked to get some frozen goods at Safeway.

Mountain Man

We literally filled a backpack with groceries. And we weren’t the only ones who felt the need to stock up. The store was PACKED with fellow backpackers and lucky saps who own SUVs. I wanted to scream by the time we fought our way through the aisles. So we stopped at our local divey watering hole for a few pints before we headed for home.

Snow Beer

This was a FANTASTIC choice on our part, because it made the walk home (half a mile up a considerable hill) much more pleasant. Plus this was our view:

Snowy Pond

The next day, we were FINALLY able to get Ramsay outside to explore the snow. We always lovingly refer to him as our California Boy, because the organization we adopted him from is a second-chance shelter that drives down to animal shelters in the LA area that have a high rate of euthanasia from overpopulation, and haul as many dogs as possible back up to Oregon for adoption. I HATE to think that my adorable quirky pup was on doggie death-row, but I digress. Ramsay is from Riverside, CA. And when we first got him, he refused to set foot outside in the rain. He HATED any sort of precipitation. When we got some flurries last year, and I tried to take him out for his morning walk, he gave me a look like “What, are you crazy?” and refused to move from the covered front porch. Needless to say, he didn’t take to Snowpocalpyse 2014 right away. But finally, he decided he NEEDED to play and sucked it up and started chasing snowballs. Then we took him to the school across from our house to play.

image (4)-001 Wild Explorer


Yes, I did make him wear his reflective jacket. Shut up, he loves it. It was so fun to go run around with him, and I’m pretty sure he had the time of his life jumping through snow that was probably 8-10″ deep at that point. Also he seemed to enjoy shoving his face in the snow, as evidenced from the photo above.

Though we were pretty cooped up for a few days, we had a great time having a family campout in the living room, watching the Olympics and sleeping in our sleeping bags. And eating like crap, mostly. For some reason, cabin fever leads to over-snacking. But I DID create a tasty fiesta shrimp bowl that I will blog this week. It came about when we started playing Chopped out of necessity with our freezer and cupboards.

There’s just something about a good snow. It was a great surprise long weekend!

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Why I Want to Blog

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I want to blog, as I’ve been talking more about this site with my friends and family. My jokey answer is that I want to be rich and famous and fabulous and get paid to write witty things about my life on the internet full time. But I tried to reflect on what I actually want out of this experience.

Mind dumping – I am constantly full of ideas and words that want to be said, but I don’t always let them out, I don’t always have the opportunity. There are home and cooking projects that I want to explore, experiences that I want to capture and reflect on. I need a place to pour out these reflections and keep them in one place, a place I can review and look back on.

Community – I love the feeling of community. I love good discussion. I dream of being part of a community of bloggers that support and encourage one another. I’m inspired by what I’ve seen so far in other blog communities. Also, I have friends and family near and far, and I love to share with them what’s going on in my life when we are so far apart. Two cheers for staying connected!

Productivity – Honestly, I need something that holds me accountable to do something besides stare at the TV. I think this sort of forum can provide me with that.

Sharing – I’ve always been more comfortable sharing ideas in writing, rather than verbal communication. I hate recognizing myself as part of that growing group of people that can’t have face-to-face conversation, but I’m just more comfortable in an environment where I can really consider and edit my words before posting them. I can still talk to people, don’t get me wrong, but I want to start sharing more of my life, and I like the blogging medium.

Learning to love writing again – It used to be one of my favorite activities. I miss it. I want to get it back in my life.

This is where I’m coming from, folks. Why do you blog? How do you decide what to write about?

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