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Bridge of the Goddesses – Race Recap

I’m just now getting around to posting this…sad but true. The race was last week, my training really tanked the last few weeks of the half training calendar I was using, and I was fighting the tail end of a cold, but I did it anyways, and finished. And then promptly picked my next race because I didn’t meet my “under 3” goal.




The race itself was BEAUTIFUL, mostly on a paved path in the Columbia Gorge, winding in and out of the woods, up and down some stairs, up and down some MASSIVE hills. Like a LOT of effing hills, long, drawn out ones. The other two women I was with and I decided to walk the uphill portions and run the flat and downhill portions, which worked well for us.

My big problem was that horrible nemesis, post-nasal drip. There were some sections where I felt like my options were barf or walk, and I opted for walking so at least I was moving towards the finish line. Though I wasn’t thrilled with my overall time, I had fun AND I think I have the running big now. I don’t hate it like I used to.


After the race was over, the girls and I drove east to Hood River to grab some lunch and celebratory beers. Oh my word, fish and chips and Mac & Jack’s never tasted so good.



I did take away a few lessons learned from this race. The first is simple enough – learn how to use a neti pot. The second? Distance training runs make a BIG difference. This should have been obvious, but my first nine miles were on pace with what I was hoping for, and then miles 10-13 were considerably slower. The longest training run I did? Nine miles. Something to focus on for my next half (December). Also, I need to figure out how to fuel myself mid-race. I had a big bowl of oatmeal in the morning but I really could have used a supplement about halfway through and I kept missing the people at the aid stations that handed out gummy bears (fuel of champs).

I’m ready to get out and start running again. Fall weather is finally on the horizon, now that it’s almost October, and it’s the perfect time for outdoor adventures!

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Summer Send-Off

I’ve always lived on a school schedule, due to the fact that I went from living with my parents (my mom was a teacher) to my husband, the teacher. And the majority of my friends are teachers (or pediatric nurses…apparently I have a friend “type” or I’m an odd duck). So every late-August/early-September, I get ho-hum along with them. I work through the summer, so I have no reason to treat the summer months differently, but I do. Especially this summer. August was the hottest on record, and until this last weekend, I basically forgot rain existed.

At the end of August, I usually end up spending a lot of time in a classroom, and this year was no exception. I developed an undying love for the diecut machine (I need a Cricut STAT…don’t know what for but I’m sure I can find something).


I also came up with clever sayings.



And Ramsay took the liberty of breaking in the circle time rug while playing with a cut up tennis ball and guarding the door.


So I spent most of Labor Day weekend laboring, but classroom set up is fun labor! We also managed to squeeze in hosting a BBQ with some friends and family and a wham-bam trip to Ikea. They serve a mean tres leches. Who knew?!


Here’s to a new season, a new school year, a realignment of priorities, and the enjoyment of crisp fall air. And also here’s to pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

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