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Serial and The Urban Commute

I still don’t feel ready for Christmas, but I DO have most of my presents purchased, I’ve got one batch of cookies baked and frozen, and our tree still looks gorgeous.

I also officially started my new job on Monday, so I’ve been a little distracted. I went from working at a manufacturing company that deals in renewable energy to a retail company known for their high quality children’s clothing. I underestimated the learning curve that comes with entering a completely different industry, but I’m LOVING my new situation (FYI, I fully intend on blogging some job interview tips…one of the few skills I am really confident in). My second day of work, I was challenged to a Nerf shoutout by the CEO, and I already feel like I’m doing some REAL work.

Along with this new job comes a new commute. To downtown Portland. On public transportation. Everyone talked a big game like this was going to be horrible, but I’m choosing to view it as extra free time every day to read or dink around on my iPad. Or listen to Serial.

I’ve been reading about the Serial podcast for a while, since I’m an avid NPR fan. Serial is a 12-episode true crime story, basically. And considering I plan my Friday nights around episodes of Dateline (#Iheartkeithmorrison), it is right up my alley. I’ve binge-listened to 6 episodes since Monday, with 6 more to go, and I’m totally hooked. It is 100% living up to the hype for me. Have you listened? What do you think so far?

I need to take pictures of my walk from the train station to my office. To me, there’s nothing better than a city in the early morning before it has really woken up that’s just magical. There are a few food carts serving breakfast. The sun is rising over the bridges and Mt. Hood. I might get tired of the commute eventually, but for now, I’m loving it. Plus we are moving offices to a place with free parking next year so it’s temporary.

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You SNEAKY Christmas!

Why is it that these last few years, Christmas completely sneaks up on me? I feel like the Christmas season lasted so long when I was little, and now it feels rushed, between shopping and work and decorating and trying to crank out some cookies. Womp womp.

I tried to convince my hubby that we needed a tree RIGHT after Thanksgiving this year, to no avail, so we went to get one this last weekend. This is the main event that gets me in the holiday spirit. We have vowed to always cut our own tree for as long as we are physically capable of doing so.

So we dressed in our Carhartts and boots, hoisted Ramsay into the truck, and drove to our favorite little tree farm, where we spend an hour selecting the best Grand Fir of the bunch. Which is, without fail, probably too large for our house. Every year we say we’ll go smaller, but we just get so excited.

We literally had to snip off the top IN our living room to make it fit. But it was totally worth it.

I’m slowly reclaiming my life from 12 hour workdays (I start my new job on Monday) and am trying to get into a regular, healthy routine again. It’s hard to get back on the wagon. I’ve been making sure I get some good protein for breakfast, and today, I got lucky and came home before it was dark, so I took the dog on a longer than normal walk, because we both needed the exercise.

I have lots of post ideas percolating in my brain, so I’m hoping to sneak them into my schedule as I get the chance in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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