Summer Send-Off

I’ve always lived on a school schedule, due to the fact that I went from living with my parents (my mom was a teacher) to my husband, the teacher. And the majority of my friends are teachers (or pediatric nurses…apparently I have a friend “type” or I’m an odd duck). So every late-August/early-September, I get ho-hum along with them. I work through the summer, so I have no reason to treat the summer months differently, but I do. Especially this summer. August was the hottest on record, and until this last weekend, I basically forgot rain existed.

At the end of August, I usually end up spending a lot of time in a classroom, and this year was no exception. I developed an undying love for the diecut machine (I need a Cricut STAT…don’t know what for but I’m sure I can find something).


I also came up with clever sayings.



And Ramsay took the liberty of breaking in the circle time rug while playing with a cut up tennis ball and guarding the door.


So I spent most of Labor Day weekend laboring, but classroom set up is fun labor! We also managed to squeeze in hosting a BBQ with some friends and family and a wham-bam trip to Ikea. They serve a mean tres leches. Who knew?!


Here’s to a new season, a new school year, a realignment of priorities, and the enjoyment of crisp fall air. And also here’s to pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

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