My First 9-Miler Down

I slept in today, the day of my nine-mile long run (it’s long for me anyways). I’ve been real bad with my sleeping habits lately. But, thanks to hubby, I set out at 10 ready to tackle the challenge, because it hadn’t gotten too hot yet.

I made it. I wasn’t fast, but I was faster than my last long run, and kept my average mile pace under 13 minutes. I also did a sufficient amount of hill work, mostly because I was looking for a park with a water fountain so I could refill my running belt bottle. Pretty sure I will be emailing my local park & rec department about the serious lack of water fountains. I FINALLY started listening to music during my runs…I don’t know why I waited so long, because it helps SO much! Plus I can lip synch and amuse passers by. I loaded a few Rock My Run mixes onto my iPhone, which I use anyways for Nike+ Running, and jammed out for almost two hours. Though I did learn that the song “Selfie” makes me want to rip my ears off.

I’m happy I forced myself out the door and did this run. I think it helped my confidence, because for some reason I just figured I would be passed out by the side of the road after 7 miles. I’ve never run that far. Less than four weeks to go until race day!

Other than trying to keep up with my training schedule (August didn’t start out as strong as I wanted), we’ve been working, gardening, and reading. Right now, I’m super into the guilty pleasure teen series “Pretty Little Liars,” by Sara Shepard. It’s like “Gossip Girl” but with more of a mystery bent to it. Don’t judge. Yesterday, we took our nephew to the Portland Children’s Museum, which was a hoot (the words that come out of that kid’s mouth!), and I think, judging by this picture, it was a successful afternoon:



We also discovered that our front yard produces The World’s Best Blackberries Ever. I’m willing to deal with the blood loss from the thorns in order to harvest them. Holy noms.

Sweet Deliciousness


And that’s life for us lately. Soaking up the last bits of a hot, wonderful summer. What’s been going on with you fine folks? Runners – what do you suggest for adding distance and/or cutting time? I’ve really just been…running. So I’m looking for some training tips!

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