Ireland Recap

We are recovered from our Ireland jet-lag and back to the grind of work/sleep/eat/clean. But OH do we miss vacation. Ireland was absolutely fantastic, the weather was gorgeous when we were there, just as good as home if not better, we met a lot of delightful people, and ate and drank a lot of delicious things.



I mean, LOOK at this view. We didn’t get shots this gorgeous when we were in the Caribbean! The water was so blue!

Our first day, we were weary from a long three flights from Seattle to Dublin, but we rallied, dropped our stuff off at our hotel, and walked right into the hotel restaurant for our first Irish breakfast.


They don’t kid around about breakfast there. Once we were fueled and caffiened up, we hoofed it across Dublin. Our first stop – Trinity College for a tour and the Book of Kells.


Biblophile’s heaven!

The Long Room is full of old book smell. I love old book smell. If someone ever bottles it, I WILL wear it as perfume. Then we asked our tour guide for a suggestion of where to get our first pint. We settled on Bowe’s, which we walked past three different times before finally figuring out how to enter.


We managed to stay awake until 9, and then crashed. And, thanks to my friend jetlag, woke up every two hours, all night long. The next day, we took the train to Killarney to explore the western coast. I made Shayne drive (we returned home still happily married, miraculously) the rental car from the train to our B&B. And we ran into so many gorgeous sites! Like this castle by the side of the road.



We spent the next two days exploring all that County Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula had to offer.

IMG_2115 - Copy




When we took the train back to Dublin, we had a full day and a half to continue our explorations. Most of our time was spent wandering through shops and alleyways of delicious smelling takeaway restaurants. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the best fish and chips ever before devouring it (thank you Leo Burdock’s). Everyone talks about Irish and British food and how boring it is…LIES. There’s a lot going on in the Dublin food scene. I fully intend on going back when I have money to properly check it out.

We came back exhausted, but with cameras full of gorgeous pictures and hearts full of happiness. I could move there in an instant, I’m not even kidding. The people are as friendly as can be, the scenery is beautiful, and the food and drinks just made me happy. I gained some vacation weight, and I’m quite alright with it. This may have been a spontaneous trip, but it was definitely a success.

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