Why I Want to Blog

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I want to blog, as I’ve been talking more about this site with my friends and family. My jokey answer is that I want to be rich and famous and fabulous and get paid to write witty things about my life on the internet full time. But I tried to reflect on what I actually want out of this experience.

Mind dumping – I am constantly full of ideas and words that want to be said, but I don’t always let them out, I don’t always have the opportunity. There are home and cooking projects that I want to explore, experiences that I want to capture and reflect on. I need a place to pour out these reflections and keep them in one place, a place I can review and look back on.

Community – I love the feeling of community. I love good discussion. I dream of being part of a community of bloggers that support and encourage one another. I’m inspired by what I’ve seen so far in other blog communities. Also, I have friends and family near and far, and I love to share with them what’s going on in my life when we are so far apart. Two cheers for staying connected!

Productivity – Honestly, I need something that holds me accountable to do something besides stare at the TV. I think this sort of forum can provide me with that.

Sharing – I’ve always been more comfortable sharing ideas in writing, rather than verbal communication. I hate recognizing myself as part of that growing group of people that can’t have face-to-face conversation, but I’m just more comfortable in an environment where I can really consider and edit my words before posting them. I can still talk to people, don’t get me wrong, but I want to start sharing more of my life, and I like the blogging medium.

Learning to love writing again – It used to be one of my favorite activities. I miss it. I want to get it back in my life.

This is where I’m coming from, folks. Why do you blog? How do you decide what to write about?

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One thought on “Why I Want to Blog

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