RIP Ziggy

Yesterday was a rough Friday, as I had to take the afternoon off to take my mom to the vet, where we had to put down Ziggy, the cat I picked out while I was in high school who has grumped around my parents’ house ever since. Ziggy was some sort of a Maine Coon mix (aka he looked like he stuck a paw in an electrical socket), and was nice to people only when he felt like it. When I was still living with my parents, he liked to barge into the bathroom and climb up on my shoulders while I tried to pee (very uncomfortable), he liked to stick his tongue in my ear, and he LOVED when my dad wrestled him and shoved him around the floor like a mop (my dad is a real animal lover, can you tell?). He also loved to shove his puffy body into baskets and boxes of all sizes:

Basket Case


We no longer allow my mom to drive herself to these hard vet visits (I believe the tech yesterday referred to it as “a quality of life conversation”), so I took the afternoon off, picked up my aunt, and all three of us (plus Ziggy backseat in one of his favorite baskets) drove off to the vet, where they confirmed that he was indeed in pain, and unless we wanted an expensive surgery that may or may not work, it was probably best to put him down. My mom and I stayed with him until the sedative kicked in, scratching his ears until he was no longer coherent, then let the vet do her thing. It was the first time I’d ever gone to the vet under these circumstances, and trust me when I say that being on multiple antidepressants really helps. When we loaded up the box we will bury in the backyard, I treated everyone to fro-yo and a drive past my new house (we’re in escrow, and that’s a happier post for later), then we stumbled across a vintage sale at a country grange, so it ended up being kind of a nice girl’s afternoon, given the circumstances. Then we got home, unloaded the box, and let the wine flow.

Ziggy was a misunderstood fuzzball, and even though he got progressively grumpy (especially in the throes of renal blockage and failure), I loved forcing snuggles on him. I’ll miss him. My parents are now a one-cat household, so hopefully the remaining kitty, Chester, learns to be a little less annoying.

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