A Month of Thanks: Days 7-13

November 7th – Thankful that a month ago, my pup and I are both healed up after our incident a month ago, and progressing with our charges against the other dog owners. The situation could have been so much worse, but Ramsay healed amazingly fast, and I’m no longer a nervous wreck when we go on walks.

November 8th – I have the most awesome friends, and today, I’m so thankful that one of them is being blessed with an awesome opportunity to audition for a Broadway show. He’s so talented and has worked so hard and he really REALLY deserves this. I’ll be praying that he rocks it on the 14th.

November 9th – I know I already had a day where I was thankful for my hubby, but today, he did a great job of taking care of me when I came home from work and immediately got sick, and proceeded to have some sort of stomach-influenza flu combo. Even when he was sick himself, he was a champion nurse.

November 10th – Thankful to have kept our house clean for a few weeks so it didn’t feel like we were living in complete filth when we couldn’t do anything productive for three straight days. A clean house is a completely foreign thing to us, but something we’ve been trying to focus on the last few months, and I feel like it’s working, AND, as a side-effect, our marriage is benefiting from a clean house.

November 11th – Today, oddly, I’m slightly thankful for being sick (slightly). Shayne and I have never really been SICK sick at the same time before, and despite the fact that we both felt like shit, we got to spend the day talking, napping together, cheering on the Seahawks, snuggling with our pets, and sipping chicken broth. Lots of together time, and even though we didn’t get much DONE, we didn’t waste our sick time being miserable. We tried to be positive and fun and enjoy each other’s company, and we succeeded!

November 12th – Today, my mom gets highlighted. I’m so thankful that we have a close relationship, that we can be friends, that I can turn to her in times of need and trust her for good advice and usually a good laugh too. She brought us Gatorade from the grocery store as soon as she and my dad returned home from their weekend away.

November 13th – I’m SO thankful to be healthy again, after a long LONG weekend of being sick. It’s nice to eat something besides white bread and not stay in bed feeling like a lazy ass all day long. God-forbid I am ever put on bed rest.


Something substantial really is coming. Lots of ideas are brewing in my brain. I just haven’t been able to write them out yet.

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