Back in the Box

So Friday marked my first time back for a WOD in nearly a month, since before our pit bull debacle. I spent a lot of days coming home to take care of the dog at lunch, and frankly avoided the gym. It’s been the one thing I’ve been hesitating to put on the table as a possible cost cut for our limited budget, but something metal was dampening my motivation to get back on the CrossFit wagon.

Finally, the stars aligned, the husband was home taking care of the dog on his day off, my stomach wasn’t churning with whatever digestive issue I’m currently suffering from, and my work-gym buddy got me to commit to a lunch WOD.

As soon as we got started, my mind chastised me by saying “Marge, you love this. What have you been trying to avoid? You feel awesome and it’s only minute one of a twelve minute AMRAP.” It felt great to be back pushing myself with our noon crew, and even the soreness the following day was welcome. Those workout endorphins are no joke – I felt awesome all day and into the weekend. Mentally, I think I get scared of pushing myself when I know my fitness level has probably declined. I hate the idea of sliding backwards and dropping weight, modifying dips, whatever. But as soon as I got moving I simply didn’t care about that stuff. I was doing something I needed to do for myself, and I reaped the rewards afterwards for sure.

Do you get mental blocks that keep you out of the gym? How do you overcome a plateau?

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