Today’s Hot & Sweaty WOD

Today’s workout was brutal:

5 rounds, for time

200 m sandbag run (40 lbs)

14 pull-ups

24 goblet squats (25 lbs)

34 double-unders (90 singles)

I don’t even remember how long it took me to finish…38:22 maybe? It was about 95 degrees in the Box, and I had greedily positioned myself in front of the fan in hopes of keeping my cheeks from getting bright red. Fail. On a more positive note, I did a couple of real life kips with the bands!

Hubby also got signed up today, after his third trial class. I know the trainers can whip him into shape real quick, and I was proud of his hard work today. He was quite a trooper, and actually finished BEFORE I did (plus he took a bathroom break in the middle). He’ll be in the Crossfit Games in no time.

Today’s workout was MUCH better than Friday’s. I hate to end the week with a bad workout, but I couldn’t get up in time Saturday to get in for class and redeem myself. I was a DNF on Friday, and was close to tears from being so frustrated at myself. It was just one of those days where I couldn’t lift, I couldn’t do cardio, and everyone else could without a problem. On top of that, I tweaked my arm/shoulder again, and spent the weekend forcing Shayne to give me deep tissue massages with the lacrosse ball. Starting the week with a more positive gym experience is definitely a good thing.

It’s only supposed to get hotter this week, so I’ve got to turn myself into an all-weather fitness buff!

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