Movie Watching on a Sunday Afternoon

Hubby had put the Hood to Coast documentary on hold at the library, so we sat down and watched today. SO motivational, it definitely got me even more excited for the race. It also gave me a strong desire to run (they didn’t highlight the walkers). They featured some really amazing teams, including one lady who had experienced heart failure during the previous year’s race, who came back (against her doctor’s better wishes) a year later, and a team that was running for their brother/son/husband, an avid runner who had passed away unexpectedly. The whole film really highlighted the fact that people run for so many different reasons…some are trying to prove something to others, some trying to prove something to themselves. Some are running in remembrance. Some are running to settle a score. Some are running to shake things up in their day to day lives. It was really interesting to think about. Anyways, I highly recommend watching Hood to Coast if you’re a runner, or if you’re not. It’s a great look at the race from its beginnings through present day, and focuses on some great individuals.

Then I felt motivated to run, but it was too damn hot.

I’m watching the end of the Closing Ceremonies at the moment, always bittersweet to me. London really pulled out all of the stops for this show, and called in every favor with every British celeb, EVER. I’m loving it. Hoping to keep my composure when they extinguish the torch.

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