Fitso v. Thinspo

So, for a while I tried to blog on Tumblr, which was kind of fun, because you can find a mix of other people’s ideas and bring them together visually and cohesively with your own. However, I started to get disturbed with all of the “thinspiration” that seemed to be rampant when I started following various health and fitness blogs. Thinspiration, or “thinspo,” if you’re feeling too lazy to say the other two syllables, is basically a glorified shrine to anorexia. Girls bragging about how few calories they can eat in a day, and picture after picture of protruding hip bones and emaciated thighs. The slogan “nothing tastes as good at skinny feels” graffitied all over the internet.

On the flip side of “thinspo” is “fitspo,” short for fitness inspiration, fitspiration. Pictures of six-packs, runners, encouraging sayings about “starting today,” “you are in charge,” etc. etc. Some of this content can be really inspiring. I always like looking at pictures of other people lifting weights so I can point at the picture going “I DO THAT, I DO THAT!”

The danger, I think, lies in the fact that half of these fitspiration pages are managed by teenagers who doesn’t understand the difference between skinny and healthy in good shape. Without pointing out any blogs in particular (though I do have some in mind), I’m thinking of young ladies (mostly) that feel qualified to offer advice on healthy eating and exercise habits. I’m always wary of people offering advice over the internet, but seeing these girls who are 18 talking to even younger, more impressionable girls about how they “got in shape,” frightens me. They provide recipes and lunch ideas (I’m sorry, lunch is not 5 grapes and a quarter of a sandwich), detox shakes, and pictures of themselves, looking teeny tiny in bikinis.

I know I’m not the first one to have this hesitation about something that, on its face, looks good. How could promoting health be harmful? Tumblr is working on minimizing the amount of “thinspo” featured in its community, but where is the line drawn? Who are these people determining what is dangerous versus what is healthy? I don’t have answers, but this is just something I’ve become aware of (also on Pinterest, to an extent), and I’m curious to see how this plays out. Honestly, I stopped using Tumblr for the most part because I was so disheartened everytime I logged on and was bombarded by concave stomachs and bony legs. I can only hope that some better ways of moderation come forth, to stop enabling and encouraging these ideas.

But that’s my rant for the day.

Anyways, I have no answers to this.

Ok, now I have to brag about my hubby (we’ve been married one year as of tomorrow!), who made some delicious beer battered fish tacos for dinner. I would have taken a picture, but I ate them (nom nom nom).

ANNNNND, I got my ass kicked at the gym today. Here was the WOD:

7 rounds, for time

-7 power cleans

-7 thrusters

7 chest to bar

7 toes to bar

I managed to finish in 34:16, starting with 55 lbs. and dropping to 50 lbs., which is awesome considering I had never used 50 lbs for a WOD until last Friday. Also, I learned that toes to bar aren’t the best thing to do on a queasy tummy. I refuse to “meet Pukie” but I came damn close today.

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One thought on “Fitso v. Thinspo

  1. nudebyxmas says:

    A great read. Couldn’t agree more with you.

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