Post-Vacation Depression

I’m recovering in my quiet home after returning from our Mid-Western vaycay on Monday. We had a gigantic family reunion in Iowa (well, more gigantic than usual), and before spending a few days in the cornfields we wandered around Chicago.


Anyways, while I was introducing Shayne to some of my favorite states in the USA, I started thinking (again) about how much I would like to move back there (mainly Chicago area). Could I up and leave my parents and friends and start a new life in a different state? I’d be so much closer to my extended family, and my cousins, which would be great, plus Chicago has even MORE great restaurants than PDX. How do you go about making a decision like that? How could I convince hubby to go along with it? Just something I’m considering.

Other than that, getting back to work hasn’t been as bad as anticipated (knock on wood). It’s hard to think back on those days that I just had summer vacation, with no other worries. What did I DO all day? I can’t even fathom, now that I’m stuck at my desk for 8 hours a day. One of the pitfalls of adulthood I suppose.

Okay, back to brainstorming blog posts that might interest people…



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